MediSecure ETP

MediSecure – the secure and simple e-prescription system

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MediSecure’s core business is a prescription exchange service (PES), which facilitates electronic prescribing and dispensing of prescriptions.

Following the merger of MediSecure and Simple Retail, MediSecure ETP is now the default electronic transfer of prescription service for Aquarius Dispense.

MediSecure is designed to save you time and money, allowing you to give more to your customers.

  • Pharmacy scans the barcode and downloads the electronic script
  • PBS Online settlement includes the 15 cent Electronic Prescription Fee [EPF] payment at the close of each period
  • MediSecure sends an invoice at a rate of 15c for each qualifying script
  • Pharmacies can view government rebates for all qualifying electronic scripts at PBS Online

The MediSecure Barcode

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