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Sequence is the Dose Administration Aid packing software optional component of Aquarius.
+ Drug Box
Drug Box is the optional component of Sequence that lets pharmacies keep track of DAA patient’s individual pill balances without the need to physically separate each packing client’s medication in the pharmacy. Instead you have a bulk communal set of medications that are set aside for packing purposes.


The PDA wireless device and software license provides the pharmacy with stock control functions in hand and on the floor.

Smartphone Stocktaking
The Smartphone Stocktaking App provides simple stocktaking, ordering and receipting functions from a smartphone device. It is available for both Apple and Android operating environments and can be downloaded for free from the appropriate app stores.
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SMS Connect & Receive

SMS Connect gives our PennyLane customers the ability to send SMS messages to customers phones directly from PennyLane. The SMS Reply function allows PennyLane customers to receive SMS replies from customers cell phones.

Methsof DD (Controlled Drug Integration Services)
MethSof DD Book is a software based electronic controlled drug register that replaces and improves the paper based recording of controlled (S8) drugs pharmacists are required to keep. The Methsof DD book currently integrates well with Aquarius dispense, it also integrates with PennyLane on the incoming DD invoices.

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