Simple Retail is one of Australia’s leading pharmacy software providers

Why choose Simple Retail

  • 100% of Simple Retail customers suggest that Aquarius Dispense is easy to use
  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • FREE Android stock taking app to minimise costs and time for manual stocktaking

Benefits of PennyLane POS for your business

Independent pharmacy

Live, real time dataAccuracy and increase profitability
Manage sales promotionIncrease efficiency and profitability
Identify customer purchasing patternsIncrease customer loyalty

Multi-store pharmacy

Multi-store capabilityCentralised decision making for pricing and promotions
Centralised stock and reportingData integrity and efficient database management
Consolidated ‘live’ ordersReduce inventory management costs

Benefits of Aquarius Dispense for your business

Integrated with MediSecure and eRxCompatibility and efficiency
Integrated SMS/Email messaging systemCommunicate with your customers effectively
Touch screen dispensing capabilities Fast and effortless

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